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Axe throwing is all range at the moment. Whether you happen to live in the heart of a metropolitan or some countryside, you can easily find an axe throwing venue with a single Google search. Having said that, you can also turn your backyard into a decent axe throwing spot. While it will require you to buy an axe, you can make an axe throwing target on your own to get things started.

How To Make An Axe Throwing Target?

  1. Select The Right Wood

The selection of the wood can make or break the entire process. ideally, the wood you choose should be neither too soft nor too firm. Both pine and spruce are wonderful choices. Look for wood with no dark stains or knots, particularly in the middle of the target. Pay great attention to the grain orientation when constructing your target. After a good throw, the vertical grain will mirror the impact of the hatchet blade and stick firmly.

Do not be afraid if your target suffers from a lot of wear and tear. Over time, targets tend to get soften. After each usage, mist the target with water to help preserve the wood and reduce splinters the next time you play. When not in use, store the target in a cool, dry location.

  1. Find The Board’s Center

Measure 2 feet from the top to the bottom of the board with tape. Then, from left to right (the width), identify the middle, which should be a little over 4.5 inches in. Place your screw right in the center and screw it in about an inch or so.

  1. Positioning The Target

As a rule of thumb, the target should be set at a height of 63 inches (5’3″). Attach your target to a tree or other base using a drill or nails (it’s a little more effort, but some throwers create a platform for their target). Make sure you engage in axe throwing in a secure location.

What Is The Standard Axe Throwing Target Distance?

Most people fail to determine the correct axe throwing target distance. Typically, the axe throwing target distance should be 12 feet. Create a 3-foot deep throwing box from your throwing line where individuals are able to position themselves properly to throw their axes.

How Does Scoring Work On Axe Throwing Target?

  • Rings

The score for the throw is determined by which ring your axe sticks into. It could anything from 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, and 4 points.

  • Bullseye

Needless to say, it is smack in the middle of the objective. You get 6 points if you have the ability to hurl your axe right into the bullseye.

  • Clutch

If you choose to go for clutch and end up missing the shot, you will probably just get 1 or even 0 points. But if you can keep the clutch in place, you will get a bonus of ten points! When it comes to the final throw of the game and you are behind by a few points, you will be left with the only option; going for the clutch to keep the game alive. Best of luck! Getting the win in the clutch is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How Often You Should Change The Target?

Well, you can change the target as many times as you want. This activity is not restricted in any way. To be honest, it is a difficult task to continuously rush back and forth to remove old targets and replace them with new ones.

Surprisingly, when it comes to target quality, the ones with beaten-up and worn-out wood are far superior to the brand new ones. Because the battered and worn wood is not very hard, the axe head can get a better grip on it.

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