Want To Hit The Bullseye? Follow These oh so flawless axe throwing


Many individuals are terrified before they try their hand on axe throwing for the first time. But once they delve into axe throwing target instructions, they have nothing to fear. The tips listed below will prepare you to enter our axe throwing facility with confidence and have a ball with your friends, colleagues, and family members:

Pick The Axe

The first decision you must make is which sort of axe or hatchet you will use. We have two distinct possibilities at our facility. The ‘axe,’ a larger, heavier throwing axe, or the hatchet, a lighter throwing axe. Choose an axe depending on how much weight you can lift over your head and manage it comfortably.

Narrow Down A Throwing Style

The two-handed throw and the one-handed throw are the two common types of axe throwing that we allow at Bigfoot Axe Throwers. Start with a two-handed throw until you are comfortable with the distance. Maybe a few weeks down the road, you will have enough command to throw the axe with one hand without compromising on the authority.

Right Stance Holds The Key

The last axe throwing instruction is to hold the right stance. Because you only want the axe to rotate once before sticking into the target, stand anywhere between 12′ and 15′ away from the target. We have already calculated the distance, so all you have to do now is stand anywhere inside our throwing box.