We Stay On Top Of The Axe Throwing Safety Protocols

Your safety is our first and foremost priority. We will never compromise on that. Period! Bigfoot Axe Throwers strongly abides by all the safety measures established by National Axe Throwing Federation. Participants are given safety instructions and throwing tutorials by our axe masters. Lanes are supervised by our certified personnel.

Moreover, our coaches make it a point to go above and beyond to complete a checklist of items before each event. It typically includes inspecting and replacing the target boards and sharpening the axes so they can stick to the targets and do not bounce off in the direction of the thrower.

General Axe Throwing Safety Rules For All Throwers

There is no denying that axe throwing is an incredibly fun activity. But that does not mean you can take it casually. In fact, every thrower must be cautious and adhere to the following general axe throwing safety guidelines to indulge in this activity without keeping his/her safety at risk:  

  • The first item of safety gear you should get is close-toed shoes. Though it is uncommon for throwers to injure their feet with the axe, wearing high heels or open-toed shoes could potentially expose you to danger. We do not put any restrictions on the clothing. However, it is highly advisable to wear something comfortable such as loose-fitting tops or sweatshirts.
  • Being aware of your surroundings is the next step in enhancing axe throwing safety. Make sure the area around your throw is free of anything that might end up affecting your throw.
  • Do not attempt to catch an axe. If an axe bounces off a target, take a short step back and to the side in your lane.
  • Enter a lane only when it is entirely clear. Step directly into your lane while entering a lane through the gate; do not wander into another player’s territory. You must remain behind the walled area at all times if you are not throwing.