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Axe throwing has been emerging as a new and exciting hobby among Americans. From small towns to big cities, you will find axe throwing venues almost everywhere. However, mastering this sport requires more than just randomly hurling axes towards the target and hoping for the best. That is where tried and true axe throwing tips can help you!  

If you really want to polish your axe throwing skill, sticking to the following fundamentals will come in handy:

  1. Get Into Right Throwing Position

The most important aspect of your axe throw is undoubtedly your posture. The goal is to establish a constant and repeatable alignment between your body, the target, and axe. With each attempt, be sure you use a marker to assist you to pinpoint where you should be standing. You want consistency on your side since throwing distance is one of the most basic controls over axe rotation. That way, you will be able to figure out which tactics on your end need to be tweaked in order to attain consistent results.

Bear in mind; your stance must always be steady and balanced, whether you are moving forward or keeping your feet planted during the throw. To reduce mistakes, align your head, feet, arm, and axe towards the center of the target after keeping a robust stance.

Starting with a shaky stance implies you will be shifting your balance as your throwing motion gets underway. That way, your chances of making accurate moves towards the objective will be drastically reduced. Therefore, find a comfortable starting distance and a release point that is near the 12-foot line. To cover the majority of the board, choose an axe with a flat blade. If you strictly abide by this axe throwing tip, it will perfectly set the tone for the perfect throw.

  1. Discover Your Grip Style

It is now time to choose your preferred grip type. Primarily, there are two typical grips to pick from, and which one you choose is entirely up to you.

  • Hammer grip: In this type of grip, the axe handle is held in the same way as a hammer handle is held.
  • Modified hammer grip: What makes modified hammer grip different is the fact that the axe is angled forward here.

Once you have identified the ideal grip, double-check that your anchor point is comfortable for you. It bears worth mentioning that where you grasp the axe handle, up or down, affects how rapidly it turns. For novices, however, the base of the grasped end should be placed on the lower edge of the little finger or the palm of the throwing hand. This provides for a simple, repetitive grip, which improves the chances of a cleaner release!

  1. Throw Your Axe Delicately

This is hands down one of the most overlooked axe throwing tips. You might be surprised to hear that throwing hard is not the best way to go about it. Because the axe is lightweight, exerting just about enough effort can effortlessly carry it forward.

Do not make your throw too complicated; more so if you are just getting started. Take a tight grip on the axe handle and step forward. Take a deep breath and gradually release the axe.

Concentrate on your objective with each toss. It does not have to be the bullseyes; you may start with a simpler target and work your way up to the bullseyes. Remember that elegance, not power, is the secret to superb axe throwing.

The Takeaway Message

It is commonly assumed that honing axe throwing skills is a tough nut to crack. However, that is not necessarily the case if you stick to the basics. We hope that walking the tight line of the axe throwing tips listed above will help you hit the bullseye in little to no time.

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